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"Welcome to a transformative journey that will empower you to change your life for the better. Unlock your true potential and create the life you have always dreamed of."


Our Approach

“No FAD diets, no counting calories, no killing yourself at the gym. A holistic approach to weight loss that works and lasts. Our unique programs offer both 1:1 holistic health coaching, as well as access to the community support required to manifest change and sustain a healthier life.”


Get to Know Us

Manifest Health is a dedicated nutrition and exercise program founded by a passionate Holistic Health Coach, Cecilia Ayoub, with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. Trained and certified by renowned institutions such as the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, our founder has a deep-rooted commitment to transforming lives and promoting long-lasting health. Our mission is to inspire individuals worldwide to make permanent positive changes in their lifestyles.

Manifest Health's Focuses

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Functional Nutrition

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach & Nutritionist, I am trained in a wide range of methodologies that honor your unique bio-individuality. This includes an assessment of the foods you eat and your daily habits. All recipes are focused on real Whole Foods. Together we will identify the best options for you.

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Mindfulness, mindful eating, and paying attention to how we feel when we move our bodies are essential aspects of all my programs. Together we will learn to experience the present moment and develop the mindsets required to manifest your transformation.

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Movement is medicine and absolutely vital for your overall health. Together we will set goals and track progress using Inbody Analysis. All community members have access to pre-recorded effective short workouts ranging from Low Impact, Yoga Shred, HIIT, and Strength Training.

Impact of Our Programs

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Shed Excess Weight & Visceral Fat
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Improved Sleep Patterns
Icons 02 Artboard 2_edited.png
Improved Skin Clarity
Icons 05 Artboard 5_edited.png
Peak Energy & Mental Health
Icons 03 Artboard 3_edited.png
Improved Hormonal Balance
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Reduced Bloating & Improved Gut Health

Level up your meals!


Receive our popular recipes in a handy PDF file and get a taste of the Manifest Health plan by Cecilia.


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Nourish Your Body, Feel Amazing!

Allow me to take you on this journey and guide you to understand your body better, become your healthiest self, and give you the tools to make mindful nutritional choices that best suit your goals, whether is weight-loss or a healthier lifestyle. 

Mastering Fat-Loss

6 week program

Online fitness, pilates, and yoga shred

Unlimited WhatsApp support

Food plan and recipes

Wellness Coaching Sessions

Full Website Access


“I have been struggling with weight gain for many years. Tried many diets and non of them worked!  Finally decided to join the Mastering Fat Loss program and lost 10 kilos in 3 months, I am healthier than ever and will continue with the program.”

- Raquel -



Feel free to contact me, I look forward to our conversation and the opportunity to assist you in finding the ideal program.

Cecilia Ayoub, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach & Nutritionist

Colorful Recipes to Nourish your Body




Summer Berry Smoothie


Summer Berry Smoothie

Mocha Overnight Protein Oats

Healthy Treats

Mocha Overnight Protein Oats

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